jeudi 24 novembre 2011

ENGLISH / Αγγλικά / Anglais / I, too, am Greek !

Solidarity with the Greek people !

I, too, am Greek !
We demand double nationality !

Enfuriated by the cowardice and lack of imagination of the Western
governments—including our own (1)—towards the dictatorship of the
financial markets;

And disgusted by the current humiliations being imposed on the Greek
people, shamefully accused of excess and dishonesty, pronounced guilty
without being allowed a defence (2), condemned to endless austerity
and penitant contrition, in a language that evokes 1940 and Pétain
with its "moral order," "effort" and "spirit of joy;"

And certainly not forgetting those who now sacrifice Greece to the
financial speculators, pretend that "economic fascism" will content
itself with the little countries, sparing themselves...

... those same people who abandoned Czechoslovakia to Adolf Hitler in
Munich in 1938, hoping that he would be satisfied with this new prey,
following the cowardice shown to the Spanish republicans (3);

We will no longer support these nouveaux riches (the triumphant 1% of
the globalised world), who ignore the moral debt that humanity owes to
the Greek nation (4), which sowed the first seeds of direct democracy
(5), based precisely on the abolition of debts and the emancipation of
citizens reduced to slavery by their indebtedness 2500 years ago (6).

For all these reasons, we are all Greeks. We want to send a clear
signal right now that we will no longer collaborate a minute longer in
passivity towards the financial regime imposed on Greece (7). We wish
to express our solidarity with Greece, and to share, at least
symbolically, the fate of its people.

We therefore ask for dual Greek nationality, by making a formal
request to the Greek ambassador in our country. We will launch this
campaign with a list of primary signatories on the 24 November 2011, a
date that is also the anniversary of a significant action by the Greek
resistance at the Gorgopotamos Viaduct on the night of the 24/25
November 1942 (8).

"Declaration of Nantes for Greece," 11/11/11.

"Your excellency, in solidarity with your country, I, the undersigned.............. request personally to be counted at heart a Greek, to enjoy the rights and duties of dual nationality, and to express this international citizenship with a view to the establishment of universal democracy in liberty and equality, twenty-five centuries after the time of Solon, Clisthene, and Pericles. Thanks in advance for your response, and in fraternity with your people. "

My name, town and country of residence follow, along with my profession and other relevant personal information (blogger, musician, father, student, Hellenist, age, etc.): FAMILY NAME, First name............ Town........... Country of residence....... Profession and other personal information................. Where to send it ? In France, send a letter to l'Ambassade de Grèce, République hellénique, 17 rue Auguste-Vacquerie, 75116 Paris (Telephone : 01 47 23 72 28, Fax : 01 47 23 73 85 ).
Copy and paste this text, or write a personalised letter to the embassy. When you have done so, send a copy to the following list of
email addresses (copy/paste the entire line):,,,,,

(The first address is that of the Greek embassy in Paris, the next two
are those of its press office and communications office which must be
informed of your application, the fourth is the Greek office at the
Council of Europe in Strasbourg, and the latter is the liaison address
for this initiative for information and coordination).

You can also post a personal comment on the dedicated blog:

This personal and collective response of a request for Greek
nationality belongs only to those who undertake it, and is not
directed by any party or institution. It has been proposed by the
N.e.u.f. cultural association ("Nantes Est Une Fête! ", note 9)

Notes on the call for solidarity:

Note 1: We will never forget the paternalistic disdain displayed
towards Greece by the leaders of Germany and France, an arrogant and
vexatious attitude, made all the more scandalous by the fact that it
is these two countries whose major arms deals with Greece have ruined
the country.

We are shamed by the Merkel-Sarkozy couple, who lecture at Greece when
it is down, forcing upon them a treatment that is as highhanded and
inept as that of the bloodletting physicians of old, medicine which
they next plan to administer to their own people.

We cannot accept that, for the first time in the history of mankind, a
country will lose its political sovereignty at the diktat of financial
markets, merely to defend the investments of the privileged 1% of the
world, who have bought themselves government bonds.

We will not allow these slanders towards the Greek people to pass,
while the responsibilities of the profitmongers and international
traffickers and their accomplices remain ignored.

Note 2: Nor even to express themselves in a referendum.

Note 3: Churchill's well known comment after Munich: "You were given
the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour and you will have war." Gandhi's comment from India is less well known: "Europe has sold her soul for the sake of seven-days’ earthly existence. The peace Europe gained at Munich is a triumph of violence; it is also its

We do not forget General Faucher, the French mission chief in Prague,
who, sickened by the Munich agreement, submitted an honourable
resignation to the French government, and then requested Czech
citizenship. General Louis-Eugène Faucher (1874-1964) had lived for
twenty years among the Czech people. On his return to France, he
joined the resistance against the Nazi occupation, was arrested and
deported to Germany, and survived to return home in 1945.

Note 4: Because Greece has given the world the inspiring myth of
Antigone, the unconquerable defiance of conscience in the face of
arbitrary tyranny;

Note 5: Because Greece gave Europe the first seeds of direct democracy
(not delegated to a class of professionals, but exercised directly by
an assembly and by drawing lots),

Note 6: And because the first act of the newborn Athenian democracy,
though but a fragile and imperfect shoot, under the rule of Solon in
594 BCE, was precisely the abolition of debts and the general
emancipation of citizens reduced to slavery by personal indebtedness.
But who remembers that?

We do not forget the eminent and heroic Greek resistance, which
strongly participated in the liberation of Europe from Nazism.

Note 7: The controls imposed on Greece are a blatant coup d'etat
against European democracy, a deliberate suffocation of its civil
society, a material and moral humiliation of its people, which will
inevitably spread in a domino effect to neighbouring countries,
including our own, with a risk of pre-fascist crisis.

Note 8: On the night of the 24/25 November 1942, the destruction of
the strategic Gorgopotamos railway viaduct between Thessaloniki and
Athens was an important joint action between two major elements of the
Greek resistance: the communist EAM-ELAS and the non-communist
EDES-EOEA, with the support of British special forces.

Note 9: The N.e.u.f association organises the Fête des langues
(Festival of languages) and walking tours commemorating the resistance against fascism in Nantes (Pays de la Loire/Brittany, France). This association was instrumental in achieving the transparent publication of public finances on the internet in 1995, and in 1997 launched the "Réveillon de 1er mai" (Eve of the 1st of May) outside the Paris Bourse (Stock exchange), the first demonstration in the western world for the Tobin tax on financial speculation and against tax havens.
N.e.u.f. also participated in the "Call to the youth for resistance"
of the 8 March 2004 with ATTAC, and the Décapol Declaration for Ten
new rights for the coming century.

Technical notes:

There is a general Greek consulate in Marseille, as well as twenty or
so honorary consulates in other French towns. Consult the list here:

A Greek flag measuring 1 x 1.5m with a pole, costs around 30 euros
from a specialised shop. A small table flag costs about 3 euros.

The photo overleaf shows the Greek flag flying over the Acropolis in
Athens, an important site for remembrance of the anti-nazi resistance.

Nous cherchons des volontaires pour traduire l'intégralité de ce message en grec, anglais, et autres langues. Merci d'avance.

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Anonyme a dit…

I would like to thank on behalf of my people all you brave pioneers in Nande (France) that wrote this beautiful text (en/fr/gr/fl) asking our embassy for the greek nationality as a symbolic act of solidarity to the Greek people. Reading this text made me realize that European ideals are still vivid in our hearts and minds despite the tons of plastic info and products we have "digested" for decades. THANK YOU
Maria Kanellopoulou

Anonyme a dit…

Bravo to you wonderful people for taking this stance! It is truly frustrating and sad to see what has happened to our beautiful country. Thank you!

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for your solidarity. Now help us get rid of our government

Unknown a dit…

This is really touching! Thank you!

ΑΖ a dit…

Thank you so much,
This brought tears to my eyes.
This is a really difficult time for us.

Στέφανος a dit…

Frères & soeurs de France, merci pour votre solidarité! Grecs ne s'agenouillent devant les ennemis de l'humanité!
Nous sommes touchés, merci!
Joyeux Nouvel An!

Stefanos Peppas

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you very much.
It's a touching effort.
A humble greek

Anonyme a dit…

The selfish parties to avoid breakup, they use the UNIFIED list in their interior elections, but they stop people to use it in the municipal and parliamentary elections (used with variations in Switzerland, Australia and in countless associations worldwide-, which can prevent NOW 7 BILLION people from guided famine & self-destructive cannibalism.
Untill when???

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for your solidarity. Thank you all.

Δημοκρατία - Démocratie!
Ελευθερία - Liberté !

Eleni Zacharaki a dit…

Thank you so much for your support !!! This case is not only Greek !! Shortly,the same problems shall be faced by other European countries as well.We must put an end to all this blackmail before it's too late. All together,we can make it!

Anonyme a dit…

If I were from Greece, by Handelsblatt-Chefredakteur Gabor Steingart.

Anonyme a dit…

what is happening today is a real scandal. stock markets in the last decade stole our money, our deposits, our companies, our salary, our pension funds and now our countries. if the politicians and the law keep protects them, in some months we'll not owe our lives...

ΜΑΝΟΣ a dit…
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ΜΑΝΟΣ a dit…

merci pour votre solidarité
Le Greece meurt jamais
Joyeux Nouvel An!

Μanos heraclion crete greece

Adrianos Dadis a dit…

Great idea and very admirable action.
Bravo !!!
Human life must not be ruled by market.

Democracy requires Free Software

Kleanthis a dit…

It's a wonderful idea indeed! That said, i know that Greek Citizenship law is quite strict and i don't think it would be possible to get the double Nationality (correct me if i'm wrong!).

By the way the fact people start applying for it is definitely a great Symbol.

Greetings from italy.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you !

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you to our French friends!
You are true to your traditions!

Thank you to all the citizens of the world who support us!

Let's not forget that Germany, which is now profiting from the crisis, had completely destroyed Greece, its economy and its people in WWII, had started the "Occupation Debt" and has never paid the reparations she owes Greece.

We should also remember that it was little Greece with her great resistance to Mussolini and her heroic sacrifices that made Hitler postpone the plan Barbarossa to Russia resulting in his ultimate defeat and losing the war that saved humanity.

We are not perfect, though, we know.

Happy new year to all!

A Greek in New York

gt a dit…

Merci gens de Nande et en France. Votre solidarité larmes me montent aux yeux. Il est à l'opposé de la mentalité dans d'autres pays comme la Grande-Bretagne, où la presse sont exhortant les gens à attendre que les vautours, pour le moment la Grèce est complètement détruite afin qu'ils puissent acheter vacances bon marché.

Anonyme a dit…

Seeing this solidarity action from the Friench friends brought tears of joy to my eyes!For the last 2 years I have seen Hellas my country and my countrymen to be exploited and humiliated into an indescribable degree from the Globally Greedy FAT CATS and their financial rulers!!!
All I can say, HISTORY is there for anybody to check what my wonderful country has offered to humanity: civilization,culture-arts-science,democracy,freedom and its name EUROPA!!!
Thank you so much for your support and solidarity on behalf of myself and my country Hellas!!!
Strengh in Unity!

Ioanna Dionysopoulou
A hellenic spirit in Dublin-Ireland

Costas Lazarou a dit…

Congratulations on this wonderful idea and I am so happy that it originates from France. I am Greek by birth, so I will not apply for another password. I Just wish to say a big thank you in the two languages that I can communicate:
Merci à tous nos Frères, en France et ailleurs, pour votre soutien. Nous n'oublierons pas.
Thank you to all our Brothers, in France and elsewhere, for your support. We will never forget.
Please vote at: and forward the link.

Divine Woman a dit…

I find your move touching. There is a lot of fascism going on behalf Germany and France against our Country right now. Fear and uncertainty reigns among the people of Greece. We have been depleted from the essential means to live, let alone dream and progress. We live day by day and fear that the traitors who pose as government will issue another unlawful order dictated by the Germans or France to suppress us further.

I do not understand why so much malice against us! The wages of Greeks were always far lower than the average European, and the pensions of the majority of people on the verge of poverty. Besides we were working more hours daily than the average European. Yet we are depicted as lazy and affluent by proxy. France and Germany have forgotten that by forcing us to buy expensive armament with flaws, to defend on your behalf the confines of whole Europe, we are burdened beyond measure. European Union has imposed levies and taxes beyond mesure, and they are posing demands like the ugliest loan sharks to be paid back. They are cooking numbers and they dare to dictate to a free nation how to live, and what kind of wages and pensions they should have. We are brought down to shameful poverty and on the top of it we are a laughing stalk for Europeans.

Greece is said that owes billions, yet with official estimates Germany owes us trillions from the Second World War, when GREECE ALONE was not PAID NOTHING for damages, while Italy has been reimbursed. What kind of attitude is that?

I am worried that the whole Europe enters an era of fascism suppressing its members with unjustified measures of restrictions in money and civil freedoms. Life is no longer what we thought and believed it should be. Greeks are suppressed by laws imposed by Germany and France that are evidently against the international Law, against the European Law and against the Local Constitution.

Your move has instilled in our hearts hope and comfort, because in the end it is us the people that we should unite our voices and strentghts against unlawfullness and unfairness.

Thank you and God bless your hearts.

Imm0rtall a dit…

I Am a Greek!! and i want to tell you!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :) their plan is to make us common people to accuse ourselfs... but it ain't true people are paying!!!! and money are going somewhere else!!!! our salary was is and will be awfull when u rent a house 300 euro and u get 700 euro u can't live!!!! and now these people are getting 550, i am asking you what are they gonna buy/pay first? bills? food? milk for kids? electricity? what? 550-300=250 !!!!! if u get ill u are screwed...... ^^ nevermind!! we will stand till we die we dont sell our country even if they want that thing!!! we rather die!!!

thank you again!

Imm0rtall a dit…

ΣΟΚ: Πενταμελής οικογένεια ζει σε σπηλιά

take a look here ^^ family is living in a cave because there are no money and etc........

Merkel is asking us greeks to pay something that we didnt commit.... but German is not paying the 1.6 Billion to us for the Nazi invasion.... why? ...... nevermind!! we will manage but through difficult times we manage the real friends!!! and want it or not Greece made everything is just pity to see them accusing us because Masonicm is on the rule..... its pity to see billion of humen get controlled by 1 million politicals.... this is no democracy..... this is not what Greece made...

Georgia a dit…

Thank you very much! Merci!
Greek citizen

Anonyme a dit…

kleanthis 7.58
Hello im from greece. Thanks to all friends from all europe especially from France. Idlike to inform you that Greek low allows the double citizenship to people who have greek citizenship.So anyone can gain it. But the point is to stand by anyone who needs help such us greek people now. Tomorrow maybe some other people from Europe!thanks again for solidarity!!excellent idea!! PEOPLE FROM EUROPE RISE UP!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Its about time Greeks got off their arse and started working. I see loads of you are asking Germany to pay compensation for ww2. How about Greece giving Albania the territories annexed in 1913? How about Greece recognising the ethnic cleansing of native Albanian population from their homes? Fortunately markets are controlled by private investors and no country has a say. Private investors will not invest in a country that can not guarantee returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

in response to the anonymous (probably Albanian) regarding German compensations and the recognition of the Albanian cleansing during WWII...
first, Germany compensated most of the invaded countries plus the German army forced the appointed government to get a loan. Greece was the second country after Russia that lost so many of its population...
Now about Albanians, they fought with Germans against one forced them to leave, they left to fight Greeks and after the Greek liberation and the end of war the Greek government naturally didn't allow them to come back...
Because Albanians have inferiority complex, it is not Greeks problem...

Anonyme a dit…

I, too, am Greek!

A Canadian citizen.

vngelis a dit…

New Book How the IMF Broke Greece

Anonyme a dit…

Nothing short of an admirable act........
We thank you.

Anonyme a dit…

Dear friends,

If we all rise we can prove that people have the power not the markets. Nowdays they use depts to enslave countries and expropriate their wealth. Let us all promise we will not go down without a fierce fight.
From the bottom of our hearts, we, the Greek people thnak you for your solidarity.

A Greek citizen

DC a dit…

A great idea.
You have my support.
D.C. Bristol, UK

Anonyme a dit…

I always loved French People and French Culture. Now I have also admiration for you in my heart! Thank you with all my heart for your solidarity. Do not worry my friends. Greece has survived much worse and will rise from the ashes once again! Greece will survive this financial dictatorship also! God Bless You and Your Beautiful Country.

A Greek Cypriot

Anonyme a dit…

I really have no words for this.....thank you for your braveness and suport, really THANK YOU....Greetings from Greece

Martha a dit…

It seems that Greece will become the sacrificial lamb before EU changes its fiscal policy. The 2 key players, and primarily Germany, keep changing the goalposts in their demands and putting off signing the loan agreement. The latest supposed stumbling block: a gap of 325m euro in the 2012 budget. Well, let the Germans deduct this from the amount of WW II reparation payments still due to Greece and just pay the balance to Greece. THE WILL DEFINITELY BE A START AND GREAT HELP TOWARDS A TRUE EU THAT DOES NOT ONLY LOOK AFTER THE INTERESTS OF CAPITAL MARKETS BUT ALSO WORKS TOWARDS SOCIAL COHESION AND THE PROGRESS OF ALL ITS PEOPLE. If EU aspired to be the competitor for the USA, then they must look after their member states just like the US Federal Government look after their own. Martha Kibaris
A Greek living and working in the UK.

Anonyme a dit…

thank you for the feeling that we are not alone in this world,that there are other people who think that above money is the human spirit

Anonyme a dit…

Σας ευχαριστούμε από τα βάθη της καρδιάς μας για την συμπαράσταση αλλά και την αναγνώριση της προσφοράς της χώρας μας στην παγκόσμια κληρονομιά.

Merci! Sincere thanks to everyone from the bottom of our hearts for stading by and recognizing the contribution of my country in world's heritage. I hope that legal obstacles will be overcome and you will get the dual nationality. But remember that you are always Greeks in heart from this day on.

Anonyme a dit…

Let's work together and show to the weak leaders of our world that no one deserves the humiliation! A proud nation, the Greek one has been attacked like if it was a group of criminals. This is an offense nobody should tolerate. Today it is the Greek nation, tomorrow???

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for the support people of the world which we all are. United we stand divided we go.

Anonyme a dit…

Bravo the gens de France

Nadia a dit…

Struggling alone with no backing up and feeling alone isn't the best.At least now we all know we have still friends.W\e weren't the ones to be blamed but we take the blame for the euro-crisis.It's totally unfair especially when the financial terrorism touches all southern Europe right now.Solidarioty is what this world needs to keep it moving forward

Niki a dit…

Merci beaucoup aux tous nos freres et souers francais.
Je suis touchee!

Anonyme a dit…

We're All Greeks Now!

Είμαστε όλοι οι Έλληνες Τώρα!

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you Europe from the bottom of our hearts.
We are all Europeans.
Europe belongs to its citizens.
It does not belong to the banks, the financial markets or the politicians.
It is high time for the European people to stand up and take their destiny in their own hands.

A European Greek

Anonyme a dit…

Should any of these well meaning people, actually approach any part of the Greek Bureaucracy, (they can start with the despicable Greek consulates and embassies in their countries)for any purpose, including the noble thought of acquiring Greek citizenship, they would quickly change their minds about supporting Greece....

A fed up Greek

Anonyme a dit…

God bless you, beloved Ellada!
Marleen (NL)