dimanche 15 avril 2012

Philhellenism: Then and Now (open discussion in Aegina 20th May)

Philhellenism: Then and Now (open discussion in Aegina)

Philhellénisme : débat sur l'ile d'Aegina (l'ile d'Aegina - en Français "Égine" est à proximité du port du Pirée par le ferry ou l'hydrofoil).

OPEN DISCUSSION, Sunday 20th May 2012 10.30 – 13.30


Participants: Thanos Veremis, historian; Thanos Contargyris, economist; Pedro Olalla: Writer - Hellenist

Co-ordinator: Dimitris Potamianos, Professor in Communications, Panteio University

Organization: Aegina Active Citizens’ Association

The Philhellenism movement that developed in Europe in the 19th century was decisive for the development of the Revolution and the creation of the modern Greek state.

Freedom, justice, a vision, a dream: these were the ideas that inspired the Philhellenes of the era of 1821.

Today new movements have arisen in many parts of this planet declaring “We are all Greeks”, “Je suis grec”. Where have they come from? What is their aim?

What do they represent for the Greece of today and what can Greece represent for these movements, given its options and given what it is doing to find a way out of the crisis?

Through the introductory talks of the speakers and the contributions of the audience an attempt will be made to answer these questions.

For the Aegina Active Citizens’ Association

Stratos Pantavos, Wayne Hall

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